About Attila Nagy Weiner

My name is Attila Nagy Weiner, I'm a photographer, visual artist, sound engineer. References: HBO, IKEA, Red Bull, Emirates airlines, Raiffeisen Bank, Jeep, Gabor Csupo (Simpsons family), 2012 UEFA, Real Madrid, FIBA Europe, Nissan, Johnson and Johnson... After having completed my studies and technical training I worked in many areas of the media. I had numerous well-know partners in various projects over the past years. I had produced materials in Hungary, and abroad, with which I had earned national and international recognition. Visuality carries a big importance in my life, therefore I had trained myself on this field extensively. I had attended schools in Hungary and abroad as well. I was fortunate to have had the help and training of well known individuals of this field. They contributed to the widening of my creativity. I have over 20 years of experience in blooping, digital touch-up work and computer technology. My goal is to create unique modern style, and dramatic affect. In order to achieve that, I use the most modern 3D graphic design tools. I do my work with the most enthusiasm and my best effort. I like to take up challenges. Those especially inspire me. The quality of my work is reflected in my extensive references. It is safe to say that I aim for 200% satisfaction.